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If you hate the "evil corporatist right-centrist oligarchic" Democratic Party so darn much I wonder... why are you here?

If you hate a website that collects money to support the troops and has a IGTNT community...what are you doing here?

If you think fighting racism, sexism and homophobia are "centrist or right-center" issues, and you are "leftier" than the rest of us...I wonder why you bother to hang around, carp and be divisive.

The same remarks have been made here about "voting rights" not being a "left" issue.  

Yeah—folks got lynched, beaten and died for the right to cast a ballot and you sneer. We are still being gerrymandered and disenfranchised and organizing to fightback—but that ain't on your priority list. Not voting seems to be your agenda.  

I won't sit here and loudly complain and say "I'm not voting" or "I'm sitting out elections".

F. that.

Not joining a Green Party or Socialist Party or Libertarian Party.  BTDT.

F*** Rand Paul.

I'll fight as a Democrat. A militant one, but still a Democrat.

If Hillary Clinton is the candidate in 2016 I'm voting for her.

I've got my eye on the prize—SCOTUS.

And no—I won't say Obama = Bush, or Nixon or Hitler.

Take that crap to Redstate where it belongs.

If you think the evil USA is controlling every current uprising from the Ukraine to Venezuela and people have no agency in their own battles...I wonder why you even stay here in the US?

The internet is a big place...the real world is even bigger.

I hate racism.

I hate sexism.

I hate homophobia.  

I hate that people stole this land from native peoples, committed ethnocide and stole my folks from Africa to build this country on whip-scarred backs while raping my great grandmothers.

It is because of this history I stay and fight. My folks earned the right to be here and paid in blood.

We are still paying and doing time but I'm not leaving or quitting.

I fight. I've gone to jail, I've lost partners to death in that fight—but I fight on.
If you wonder why black folks are the backbone of the party it ain't cause we are "low information voters" or blinded by Obama-love.

I won't diss anyone's service in the military—and can still fight against a bloated defense budget and unjust wars.

I won't sneer at my young cousins who volunteered to get out of the hood, and not go directly to jail and prison, like their homies.  

I benefit from class privilege...and I'll fight for unions and for those who live in b.s. "right to work states" to organize.

I'll fight for health care and keep fighting till the day that everyone has coverage—but I'm in the struggle for the long haul.

I've lived through planned disruptions, agent provocateur-ism, J Edgar Hoover COIN-Telpro machinations, and I still get "watched" and "listened-to".

So what? I ain't budging.

Frankly I'm sick and tired of some of the stuff I read here.

Went to bed angry and got up still pissed.

But I'm not leaving. And I hope some of the people who were so disgusted by what they read decide to stay.

Note:  I'm not linking to any of the recent comments (or made over the last few months) that provoked this rant (which has been building for a while)  If you've made 'em, or have rec'ed 'em you know who you are.

You've been given the right to say 'em, cause you are still here posting, and I have the same right to disagree.

Wanted to get this off my chest before I head off to work at 8AM EDT.

To'Iban Eshu (which is the way I say—end of rant)

Originally posted to Denise Oliver Velez on Mon Mar 10, 2014 at 03:28 AM PDT.

Also republished by Black Kos community, LatinoKos, Barriers and Bridges, and IGTNT Advisory Group.

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